NEW - Antler VIVA 68cm (Small) 4 Wheel Suitcase - (Teal)


This feature packed case uses light to full effect to create a metallic-esque optical illusion that is truly out-of-this-world. Hard recessed lines merge with high gloss to form a visually impressive hard case by Antler.



  • The 100% Makrolon Polycarbonate shell material works in conjunction with the twin V design to add strength and superior impact resistance
  • A twist grip handle enables users to smoothly transition from 4 wheels to 2 wheels, as well as absorbing the shocks of uneven terrain
  • 4 x Large Double 360° rotating wheels help make the case easy to control and manoeuvre as well as increasing the ride height to reduce scuffing
  • A gun metal recessed TSA combination lock safeguards personal items against unwanted intrusions
  • Exterior - 100% Makrolon Polycarbonate
  • Expandable for extra capacity


Weight (kg): 3.7


Size (cm): 68 x 45.5 x 29.5/32.5


Capacity (litres): 91/100

Packing capacity: 70/78


Warranty (years): 10 yr Manufacturers Warranty